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mora companion heavy duty stainless review

5 out of 5 stars (20) ... Mora Black Companion Stainless Steel Knife with Sheath Morakniv M-12141. When it comes to a heavy duty bushcraft knife, I’ll always go with a high quality PKS, but for all of my lighter tasks, I reach for the Mora. The Mora Companion is a great knife for anyone who spends time outdoors, but the Companion is especially well suited to be a first knife given to a youth or anyone who is brand new to adventuring in the outdoors. Any dirt or grime should be wiped away with a wet rag and if required a mild detergent. For under $20 … In other words, one of the sturdiest materials you can find in the niche. You have a wide array of color schemes to choose from, meaning it shouldn’t be a hassle finding one that tickles your fancy. Scandinavian grind blade design that allows easy sharpening. The carbon steel blade is treated to a HRC of 58-60 while the stainless steel version is a bit softer at a HRC of 56-58. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Best Reloading Kits for Beginners: Top 4 Picks, How To Buy, Build An Earthquake Survival Kit: 15 Items to Include in 2021, Where To Keep Bug Out Bag: 2 Ideal Places, SAS Tactical Takedown Bow: The Ranger Hands-On Review, Best ACOG Clones and Alternatives: Top 4 Picks Reviewed, Overall length 8.75”  (Carbon Steel) 8.5” (Stainless Steel), Blade thickness 1/8” (Carbon Steel) 3/32” (Stainless Steel), UHB-20C equivalent to1095 (Carbon Steel) Sandvik 12C27 (Stainless Steel), Treated to 58-60 HRC (Carbon Steel) or 56-58 HRC (Stainless Steel), 4.1oz w/sheath 2.9oz knife only(Stainless Steel), 4.6oz w/sheath 3.6oz knife only (HD Carbon Steel), Scandinavian grind is easy to sharpen and maintain. This knife is very durable and I have noticed that the two that I have have handled hard use with ease. The belt loop basically slides over the belt snapping into place and stays on securely. You are better off using whetstone and a leather strop to finish the sharpening process. Q. Electric knife sharpeners should be avoided if possible as they tend to overheat the blade, which as a result weakens the carbon steel. Companion Heavy Duty is the optimal compan­ion for rigorous adventures and challenges. Sharpening a Mora Companion could not be easier. So we put it to the test against the value standard, the Mora Companion. 2 PC MORAKNIV CARBON STEEL MILITARY GREEN BASIC 511 KNIFE Mora … Versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife with a 4.1-inch hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade is ideal for carving, food prep, and cutting tinder, High-quality Swedish steel is razor sharp and exceptionally tough; stainless steel blade stays sharp longer than carbon steel, and is less prone to rust, Patterned, high-friction grip sits comfortably in the hand, for greater control, safety, and performance, especially in wet and cold conditions, Blade length: 4.1 inches (104 mm), blade thickness: 0.1 inch (2.5 mm), overall length: 8.6 inches (218 mm), weight w/ sheath: 4.1 oz. The Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, paints the perfect picture of what the brand truly represents since its inception 1891. In this video I compare two mora companion knives, one made from carbon steel and the other of stainless, to find which steel has better edge retention. The Mora Companion Heavy Duty is a more robust version of the popular Mora Companion knife. The goal is to leave a very thin coat of oil on the blade to prevent it from rusting. This innovative design makes it ideal for aggressive applications that exert immense pressure on the knife’s spine similar to swords. Available in both carbon and stainless steel blades, Handle is comfortable and provides a good amount of grip. All Rights Reserved. I have many different knives in my collection but for just basic down to earth bushcrafting and survival tasks I keep gravitating to the Mora Companion. Mora Heavy Duty Companion Carbon Knife. I do not torture test or abuse my cutting tools so I can not comment on just how much abuse these little blades can take. Now, over 60 years later, I still own and use Moras and love the idea of this Companion Heavy Duty. The blade on the Companion is crafted from high-quality Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel. Morakniv Bushcraft vs Companion Survival Knife: 2020 Head-to-Head Review. The Mora Companion Heavy Duty is a strong, powerful survival knife, especially useful for Bushcraft, hunting and general outdoor camping and camp craft use. The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive with customers expressing their satisfaction with the quality and utility of the knife as well as the fact that it is so inexpensive. How Do I Clean and Care for my Mora Companion? My review of the Morakniv Companion stainless steel knife. The whole package stands at an impressive overall length of 8.7 inches and weight of 4.1 ounces. The Companion HD has the thicker carbon steel blade at 1/8” whereas the stainless steel Companion’s blade is 3/32” thick. The whole package stands at an … However, the rigid plastic, friction fit sheath proves to be quite reliable in regards to safety and mobility. The Companion makes an excellent entry-level model for budget users. There is an infinite debate about which is better, stainless or carbon steel and after years of use I can not say that one of these knives is superior to the other. Read more of Michael's articles. The short blade requires the user to apply more effort in some outdoor activities. Whitetail deer hunting in the mid-west is my favorite. Finally, the regular version of this is probably a better kitchen knife and the Heavy Duty … Mineral spirits could be used to remove greases, oils, glues, or any other hard to remove substances from the blade but use caution cleaning the handle with any solvents. Lightweight knife and sheath for extra mobility and comfort. I have my recurve now and an MTech xtreme fighting knife (for battoning and heavy duty use) and I think I want a mora … Morakniv has been manufacturing the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden … It will stay firmly placed in your hand. Let’s take a deep dive in this Mora Companion review. Sure, leather sheaths are more preferable for premium knives of the Companion’s caliber. The Bahco 2444 IS a Mora Companion, but rebranded! The Mora Companion Heavy Duty is a powerful tool for bushcrafters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Q. Read his full interview here. A Scandinavian knife, made from modern materials and available for a reasonable price – it is no wonder then, that the “Mora” … Mora Companion sheath is quite well thought out and although very simple and plain it is incredibly functional. The Companion has a 4” blade, a 4.5” handle, and an overall length of about 8.5”. Most of the negative reviews have to do with minor quality control issues or with the carbon steel version rusting which for the most part appears to be user error. This green model is discrete and blends in with surroundings. The Mora Companion is built with efficiency and comfort in mind. Some manufacturers overdesign their handles with extra embellishments such as parrot beaks, finger grooves and palms swells which may ultimately become too much. It features an extra-large, high-friction grip handle and 3.2mm thick blade. I like to oil my blades daily when in regular use. Also, it allows quick and easy disengagement in case of danger, which is the main idea anyway. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Heavy Duty model has a thicker overall blade. Bushcrafters and outdoor enthusiasts can turn to the Morakniv Companion Heavy-Duty knife for the toughest outdoor jobs. If you are in the quest for finding a reliable survivalist knife or effective hunting knife, this product will no doubt serve your needs in optimal fashion. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking reviews to Amazon. One aspect of this sheath I really like is that you can attach it to your belt without removing the belt. Pro Hunting Hacks may earn a small commission when you purchase a product from links on our site. Real Steel 02RE030 - Best mora knife for bushcraft. 8.8" MORA MORAKNIV COMPANION HEAVY DUTY MG KNIFE Survival Hunting Sweden 12494. Prepping is about being ready for anything that comes your way; whether that’s a natural disaster or manmade. Unfortunately, these sheaths are not ambidextrous as they are right hand only. Mora Robust Pro 3.2mm Carbon Knife. The blade can be oiled with honing oil, 3in1 oil, WD-40, or any food grade oils. Free shipping. High-end knife maker Cold Steel released the budget-minded Finn Hawk. The Scandinavian grind has no secondary bevel so all that is required is to lay the bevel down flat on a sharpening stone of the desired grit and sharpen or touch up the blade as you normally would. The sheath has several methods of carry where it can be easily attached to a belt or pack, hung around the neck, or hung from a shirt button. There is a great distinction between good knives for the price and good knives – the Mora Companion technically offers both. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves [2020 Update], Top 7 Best Long Range Rifle Scope [2020 Update], Top 10 Best Hunting Boots Reviews 2020 – Guide and Review, Bow Hunting Tips – 4 Tips for Beginning Your Bow Hunting Experience. In a nutshell, it is exactly the type of knife you want in your hands in messy situations. Overall: 9.0 in. I don’t often use this feature but if I’m sitting around carving I occasionally like to use this method because it keeps the knife close at hand. However, if you prefer a tougher knife that can withstand abuse, you should choose Mora … Required fields are marked *. If you are looking for a lightweight knife for light-duty tasks, Mora Companion is a great choice. What makes the knife light?A. Combined, the knife and sheath weigh just about 4 oz. If you look at the grip, you’ll … The Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife with Stainless Steel Blade includes a color-matching plastic sheath with belt clip. Cleaning and care of the Mora Companion is not much different than any other knife. It comes with a plastic friction fit sheath. The best part is you won’t have to worry about the Companion chipping or breaking while using it. A hunter since age 9, I love the outdoors and the camaraderie at deer camp. Regular Price: £12.79 . In the past several years I’ve used my Mora as my go to bushcrafting blade and as a backup to my normal belt knife during longer treks or hunting trips. This is a side by side comparsion of the MORA heavy duty companion made from carbon steel and the stainless steel companion MG. Comfortable grip, free from finger crowding. One of the best bushcraft knives. The Heavy Duty has more … The Mora Heavy Duty, the actual subject of this article and big brother to the Mora Companion, answers some arguments against the lighter Moras with a bit more of everything. Currently, only a carbon model is available. The blade is extra thick (3.2mm) to be able to withstand all kinds of pressure and its made of stainless … The sheath is awesome in my opinion and while I’d like it to be adjustable to sit horizontally on my belt I am willing to overlook that because of the ease that I can mount it to a belt or pack and then switch to a button carry or neck carry with minimal effort. For the price, this is a great entry level knife for bushcrafting, survival, fishing, hunting, camping or any other outdoor pursuit. Overall though the Mora Companion sheath is a lot of function without the bells and whistles. The robust handle and the 27° edge angle give it maximum edge resiliency. I’ve sat and carved for hours without feeling any ill effects or noticing any hot spots in my hands. This results in a lightweight handle that is very comfortable in the hand. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro hunter looking for a versatile knife, you can never go wrong with the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife. My Mora Companion HD usually lives in my haversack but is often attached to my belt, dangling from my neck, or attached to a shirt button. For simplistic carrying, the sheath sports a belt clip. Mora Light My Fire vs Companion: Which Knife Is Better? Yes. Never machine wash a Mora and after any cleaning thoroughly dry the knife before oiling the blade. The curve of the handle fits my hands very nicely and I’ve even had both my kids use the knife from the age of 5 and they have had no issues handling the knife at all. New Companion Heavy Duty vs. first Companion … It is a combination of features. Mora Garberg Review: Is this Morakniv Knife Worth It? At a little under 9 inches long it leaves just about 3” of handle sticking out for the Carbon steel version and around 2 5/8” sticking out for the stainless steel version. Who is the Mora Companion Best Suited For? Morakniv Garberg. Check out the team below and read more about us here. Made by Mora… Your email address will not be published. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. A point of note is that the Mora Companion is not a full tang knife because the tang only goes 3/4 of the way into the handle. For starters, it sports a reliable blade length of 4.1 inches and thickness of 2.5 mm. 3 Review(s) Add to Cart-10%. Mora Companion Clipper Stainless Steel 860 Bushcraft Knife. But like a twin who’s decided to hit the gym, here’s where the stats start to swell. Since 2010, the mission of is to provide the most in-depth discussions about survival prepping. Like all Mora knives, the Companion is made in Mora, Sweden. I’ve never had a Mora sheath fall off my belt or pack and I doubt that I ever will. The Companion HD is thicker than the stainless steel version but since I use these blades for light duty I have not found much if any difference in function between them. Mora companion HD in carbon steel I would say it's a better overall knife. Belt clip on the sheath for convenient carrying. The robust handle and somewhat sturdier 27° angle … There is an included thumb ramp to aid in drawing the knife from the sheath which I have found to be almost essential as gripping the handle is not as easy as other knife sheaths I’ve used in the past. [66] Top 5 Budget Knives of All Time - Mora Knife Buck 110 Victorinox Hunter Griptilian and Buck 141 - Duration: 12:20. The difference between the two is enough that they both warrant mentioning in this review. The Sandvik blade is exceptionally thick with an innovative Scandinavian grind comprising of a short bevel that leaves extra steel to support the spine. Both feature 4.1-inch blades, high friction rubber handles, and molded plastic belt sheaths. Carbon steel blades will rust quite rapidly and require oiling to prevent corrosion but stainless steel blades will also benefit from oiling because they are corrosion resistant not corrosion proof. Q. Short bevel that leaves additional steel to support spine; ideal for aggressive applications. I like to use my Mora as a light duty knife and for primarily bushcrafting tasks. This is a review of the Morakniv Companion in stainless or carbon steel with a lowly ¾ tang and an inexpensive yet very functional polymer sheath, a 4” blade with a scandi grind (shallow and long … While it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as leather, it will stay put when not in use. The Garberg will just give you a slight edge for heavier work when more blade length is needed. $19.50. One thing that is hard to notice in photogra… For starters, it sports a reliable blade length of 4.1 inches and thickness of 2.5 mm. The importance of a good knife when out in the bush can not be understated, unfortunately, there are so many options and price points it can be hard to find the right one. Companion HeavyDuty™ is the optimal companion for rigorous adventures and challenges. Our Rating: (4.7/5) Steel: 14C28N. Can I use an electric knife sharpener to sharpen the Mora Companion?A. Eldris paired with another Mora: In my opinion, the Mora Eldris pairs perfectly with the Mora Garberg without overlapping too much in terms of capabilities. Both are great quality blades for well under $20 Amazon … Enjoy! Michael is a survivalist, traditional bowhunter, student of traditional and primitive skills, as well as a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Companion is exactly the right size for the sort of general outdoor tasks you would call on it to do. He is also a husband and father and makes his home in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for supporting this site. You simply can’t beat the quality to price ratio. The blade is a Scandinavian grind which does dull quicker but is very easy to sharpen especially in the field. SurvivalCache is here to educate. One of them being the Mora Companion HD in carbon steel and the other a Mora Companion in stainless … I really like the handle on these knives and even with wet hands haven’t had one slip yet. Mora Eldris (10 out of a 10): The Mora Eldris is now my permanent companion … Best Backpacks for Hunting Being a hunter, you know the importance of having a hunting backpack. I own the two Mora Companions discussed in this review and I plan on purchasing two more for both my sons as their first fixed blades. sharpening stone of the desired grit and sharpen or touch up the blade as you normally would, Benchmade Bushcrafter: Survival Knife Review (May 2020). Sale Price £11.51 . The stainless steel version of the Companion lives in my fishing/canoe kit because it is stainless steel and a lot slower to begin corroding. When I place my hand on the handle to draw the knife my hand naturally conforms to how the handle is oriented, and my thumb intuitively finds the thumb ramp which makes drawing the knife easy but also safe. The Mora Heavy Duty MG Companion knife …

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